ORGANIC Blackcurrant plants

Our farm produces ORGANIC blackcurrant plants on order in large quantities for blackcurrant plantations. For more information, please go to the page BLACKCURRANT PLANTS.

We still accept organic blackcurrant plant reservations for autumn 2021.

Contact us: [email protected]

ORGANIC Blackcurrants

ORGANIC Blackcurrants we grow in our own 60 hectares plantations. Every year we have approximately 200-300 tons of ORGANIC blackcurrant berries, frozen, packed and ready for supplying. For more information about blackcurrant growing process in our company and ordering, please go to the page FROZEN ORGANIC BLACKCURRANT.

Sorting of frozen berries

We work with a new, modern frozen berry cleaning line and optical sorter TOMRA BLIZZARD 640, which provides a high quality end product.

About company in short:

KROGZEME is a fully organic farm, which manages more than 100 ha of agriculture areas in Latvia and operates in coldstore. The company employs 8 people constantly and additional about 20 seasonal workers. Our main activities are growing organic blackcurrants and blackcurrant plants as well as freezing, storage, sorting, packing and selling berries. Over the years, we have developed our own techniques for weed control, plant protection and fertilizing in our fields. Together with Latvian scientific institutes we are taking part in some research projects regarding plant protection and fertilizing in organic blackcurrant farming. Our production - frozen berries goes to European food processors as raw materials for food production.

You are welcome to visit our company!

We are open farm for visitors and will be happy to show you our farm, demonstrate working methods and share in our experience to achieve better results.